Adi Cerman

Global Founder & Chairman | Global Lead Trainer and Assessor

Adi Cerman is the Global Founder and Chairman of The Global Academy | International Network, the Chief Executive Officer of International English TEFL TESOL Institute (IETTI), and Global Partners of Accredited Registered Training Organizations in Australia, State/Private Universities in USA, and UK Regulated Qualification Providers in United Kingdom.
Adi has been actively supporting Cambridge University Press (CUP) as a Teacher Trainer in Indonesia as well as training Cambridge Assessment English Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT). To date, he has conducted numerous teacher training and continuous professional development programmes while promoting excellence in Global Education and Training Collaborations Innitiatives in South East Asia, United Kingdom, Australia, USA, South America, and Europe.
Having served in the ELT field more than twenty years, both teaching English as a Foreign/Second Language (EFL/ESL) and training TESOL for teachers from around the world, today Adi plays a prominent role in coordinating the Global TESOL and ESOL Training, Assessment and Certification worldwide.

FZ Khabar

Global Academic R&D Director | Authorised Global Lead Trainer and Assessor

Fatima Zahrae Khabar (FZ) is Global Academic Research and Development (R&D) Board member based in Morocco and Authorised Global Lead TESOL Teacher Trainer and Assessor at GAIN|IETTI The Global Academy International Network for our Global TESOL and Cambridge TKT Projects around the world.
FZ Khabar is an MA Researcher in Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching (ELT) from Ibn Zohr University Agadir Morocco and Level 6 Advanced Certificate in MATESOL for Master Trainer and Assessor from GAIN|International English TEFL TESOL Institute Asia, and a Graduate Diploma in TESOL from Ecole Normale Superieure (ENS) in Rabat in Morocco.
Besides proudly representing the Academy in her home country, Morocco, FZ Khabar has been extensively travelling overseas such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, and Turkey to bring the Academy’s Global Vision and Misions.
Back in 2018, FZ Khabar was exclusively invited to act as GAIN|IETTI Authorised Lead Trainer and Assessor for a Cambridge University Press (UK) and Government of Kutai Kartanegara TESOL & TKT project. In 2019, she attended IATEFL Liverpool, UK as her commitment to Global Continuous Professional Developmet (CPD).

Diane Jackson

Global Associate Director South East Asia, UK, & Europe | Global Trainer and Assessor

Diane Jackson is Global Trainer and Assessor at of GAIN|IETTI The Global Academy International Network from UK who is based in Malaysia.
Diane’s teaching career has expanded and evolved into training and mentoring teachers, empowering them through self development and the acquisition of new knowledge and skills. She specialises in Cambridge Assessment English from foundation levels to the teaching Knowledge Test. Now running her own independent consultancy, she has forged a career out of working with and traning many hundreds of teachers, and in 2014 she won the Cambridge Assessment English preparation centre award for Best Teacher Support.
Diane is a Certified Speaking Examiner and is also Malaysia’s first certified Neurolanguage Coach delivering technique devised by Rachel Marie Paling. She conducts international seminars and workshops for voluntary organisations as well as some of the most influential names in the industry. She is now working to support the Global Projects within the Global Academy International Network in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, United Kingdom, Spain, and beyond.

Talel Soualhia

Global Associate Director Middle East & North Africa | Global Trainer and Assessor

Talel Soualhia is Global Associate Director of GAIN|IETTI The Global Academy International Network from Tunisia. Talel is our Approved Global Leader and in charge of Marketing and Business Development Division of Global Teachers, Trainers, Educators and Assessors Collaboration Forum which is the Global Professional Development Forum established by The Global Academy International Network.
Talel is an enthusiastic and results-oriented teacher, with more than 14 years of successful teaching track record in different school levels. He has acquired relevant professional education and training to become an effective teacher that has nurtured his positive and effective teaching style. He also has the willingness to work above and beyond the call of duty by taking part of different opportunities during his teaching experience in Tunisia and Kuwait.
He taught in different preparatory and high schools in Tunisia and spent nine years teaching English to middle school, high school students and adult professionals in Kuwait. He is a member of multiple organizations both local and international.

Dr. Ruquyah Tayyab Gandhi

Global Academic Operations & Office Director Singapore

Dr. Ruquyah Tayyab Gandhi is Global Office Director in Singapore Headquarter as well as the Worldwide Academic Operations Director at GAIN|IETTI The Global Academy International Network. She is globally in charge in maintaining the international standard quality control and assurance of all our international workshops, trainings and programs around the world.
She has been posting prominent Senior Educational Management Positions in various education, training and research organizations such as becoming the Senior Project Advisor at Global Educational Research Association (GLOBERA) Turkey, Associate Senior Consultant at Consultancy of Academica Mentoring in Qatar, UK and UAE, Advisor to the Directorate of Education in Province of Punjab in Pakistan to name some.
She is also academically involved as Associate Lecturer at James Cook University Australia as well as the Academic Consultant of Evergreen College Calgary in Canada and in many other global Higher Education institutions around the world.

Tasoula Antoniou Katsiami

Global Leader & Partner Cyprus | Global Trainer and Assessor

Tasoula Antoniou Katsiami is Global Leader and Global Trainer and Assessor at GAIN|IETTI The Global Academy International Network from Cyprus. She is an EFL/ESP teacher with a strong academic background (HND and BA TEFL, MA.Ed, NL Coach, D.Ed candidate) and a 25-year experience in secondary and adult EFL/ESL education.
Tasoula is the founder, Owner and Director of ULearn Education & Training, a language exams preparation and training centre for children, adolescents and adults. Being fluent in 4 languages English Greek, French, Italian she is a life long learner and a committed knowledge explorer engaged in learning and sharing while inspiring others. In addition to her professional roles in ELT, she has been approved as an Assessor and Teacher Trainer for the University of Cambridge Examinations, an IELTS Examiner, a Lay Examiner for the Royal College of Surgeons of England and a trainer for the HR Authority of Cyprus, and she is soon to be a Certified Language Coach (ICF).
In 2019, she kicked off her collaboration with The Global Academy International Network as a Global Assessor and Trainer and aims to further her professional development through communication, collaboration, teaching, training and traveling.
Tasoula is always a passionate and highly motivated teaching professional, an explorative mind clenching this thirst via traveling , striving to provide a values based education, to develop learners’ emotional and social skills. She aims to educate the heart from the heart!

Paul Martin

Global Assessment and Academic R&D Board | Global Lead Trainer and Assessor

Paul Martin is Global Assessment and Academic Research and Development (R&D) Board member from United Kingdom and Global Lead TESOL Teacher Trainer and Assessor at GAIN|IETTI The Global Academy International Network.
He is one of our Global Lead Trainers for the delivery of our Global TESOL and Cambridge TKT Projects in Indonesia and overseas. Paul has been teaching English at various levels in Australia and Indonesia from Primary 1 through to High school levels since 2002. He has also worked for small periods in after school classes with many language schools in Indonesia.
Paul has extensive experience within the teaching sector and always does his best to deliver informative, lively and enjoyable lessons to his students. It is his ideology that all aspects of education, including staff, students and curricula must be analyzed and an attitude of constant review and improvement in all areas applied. He has strong commitment in teacher training and development and has always been giving his best feedback to his teacher trainees to help them become the best and most effective teacher they can ever be.

Huma Kirmani

Global Leader & Partner Pakistan | Global Educator and Education Leader

Huma Kirmani is Global Educator and Education Leader at GAIN|IETTI The Global Academy International Network from Pakistan.
Within her many years of professional experience, Huma has been dedicating most of her life to education such as being a Cambridge Teacher for “O” level English Language and Literature, a trainer to the teachers of underprivileged areas as well as a Trainer for international Exams such as IELTS, TOEFL,BEC and CAE.
Huma is also active in leading social organisation and activity that include being the Head of a Dramatic society, making social movement as Human Rights activist, supporting the work for women empowerment and refugees women.
She also has been affiliated to ARADO and Lyari Girls Cafe (NGO), an Honorary member of United Nations of Pakistan, Global Goodwill Ambassador, and a
Lifetime membership of Women Economic Forum and (ALL) All Ladies League.
Huma is a published author and poetess, Tedx speaker, and lately she was nominated for the best writer by Ladyz Fuzion Dubai, and recently she was nominated as Peace Ambassador of INSPAD.

Maria Angelica Yanez

Global Leader Argentina & Global Partner South America

Maria Angelica Yanez is Global Educator and Education Leader at GAIN|IETTI The Global Academy International Network from Argentina. She is leading our global projects in South America Region.
Maria is the President of ASPI (Associacion Saltena de Profesores de Ingles) which is the Association of English Teachers in Salta, Argentina. As her main job, she teaches at UCASAL, a Catholic University located in Salta city, Argentina.
Maria teaches in the 4th year of the TEACHER TRAINING CAREER. Her specialised subjects are SPECIAL DIDACTICS, METHODOLOGY, and TEACHING PRACTICE. She also teaches in ” Licenciatura” which means two years of specialisation and her subject is DIDACTICS OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE.
Maria also runs a private institute where she teaches International Exams such as PET, FC, ADVANCE, IELTS and TOEFL. Last but not least, she also teaches in Primary school and coordinate the teachers there.
Maria has been traveling to UK, USA and other countries to pursue her academic achievements. She is now passionately sharing her knowledge, experience, and expertise with her students at her university.

Irma Hoxha

Global Educator & Leader for PBL Albania & EU | Global Educator

Irma Hoxha is Global Educator and Global Leader for Project Based Learning (PBL) at GAIN|IETTI The Global Academy International Network from Albania, but a Australian resident, temporarily she is based in South-East Asia.
She firstly graduated as Teacher of Mathematics and later she took further studies and got certified in Social Animator, Social Awareness Training and Practice and as a Docent of Albanian middle schools into European perspective.
Irma has conducted numerous training for Educational European Communities and now in charge as the Global Leader of Projects Based Learning. She has also worked as English children books translator, as a Volunteer of NGO-s and as a human rights activist.
In regards with her CPD activities, Irma has been part and/or partner of several European conferences and been awarded for conducting international onsite and online workshops. As a global traveler, she is running her own project providing online independent training for PBL-s and projects.

Dr. Akbar Hussain

Global Associate Partner India and South East Asia | Global Trainer and Assessor

Dr. Akbar Hussain is Global Educator and Partner at Global Academy International Network. He is based in India with operations coverage area in Srilanka and Vietnam.
Dr. Akbar has been actively supporting the Academy by implementing the 3Cs –Connecting, Communicating, and Collaborating – with his clients within his global network in Asia, UAE, and Europe regional market.
He is a psychology-based teacher trainer with specialisation in Business English. With his rich experience of 15 years in the field of Education and Training, Dr. Akbar has conducted more than 500 trainings for students, teachers and corporate clients in India, UAE, Malaysia, Austria, Hungary, Vietnam and Sri Lanka.
He has trained around 6 lakhs teachers and 25 lakhs students in communicative English and Effective Teaching Skills. He has also conducted workshops for teachers in VIETTESOL Conventions. He is also an NLP trainer, frequent FIRE 🔥 walker and a FIRE eater.

Global Partners Worldwide

Paul Cook

Founder and CEO PCT2U College United Kingdom

Tasoula Katsiami

Founder and CEO U-Learn Learning Centre Cyprus

Diane Jackson

Founder and CEO Global English Consultancy Malaysia

Parawansa Assoniwora

Founder and Chairman CEIEF Foundation Indonesia

Global Administration and Management Team

Kia Rizkia R.

Global Manager, GAIN IETTI, Worldwide, Taiwan based

A Latifa

Global Manager GEYA | Global English Youth Academy, Indonesia based

Heeda R

Global Scholarship and Admission Manager, GTTA | Global Teachers and Trainers Academy, Indonesia based

P. Saibaba

Global Consultant, GBEA | Global Business English Academy, Singapore based


Global Officer, GEPA | Global Exams Preparation Academy, Indonesia based